Thursday, June 30, 2011


let me begin by saying: I know. I know that it's been quite a long time since my last post. Perhaps an unforgivable amount, even, but I am here to humbly beg your forgiveness. I had delusions of grandeur, you see, of being able to blog about all the fun wedding projects I would be doing...
allow me to share what I've learned:
When people say "Oh! how fun!" in response to the knowledge that you're planning your wedding, what they mean is "I would have so much fun planning someone else's wedding!" When it's your own, it's not that fun, at least in this bride's opinion. You have to deal with things like last minute expenses (we forgot to pay the band at our reception) and really insignificant details (white or ivory tablecloths?).
Not to completely eschew the whole experience. Ok. There were fun parts. Like choosing my dress and tasting lots of different food and registering. But all these things were laced with stress, the gnawing feeling that everything is for your own wedding, your own one-time, all-my-friends-will-be-there, this-is-it hoopla.
I don't know. It seems almost too close, too personal, too sentimental to be fun. Like one slip-up would ruin the whole thing and you would be to blame. The wedding itself was a fantastic experience, one that Sean and I agree we would already be willing to relive (it was a bit of a blur) but those last months leading up to it, not to mention weeks, were certainly hard. All this is to say, please forgive my brief hiatus. I hope you understand.

But there was one thing about the wedding that was so good it made all the tough parts pale in comparison. It made the decision-making overload and endless to-do lists worth it. And that was the outpouring of love we felt from all the people who surrounded us on that day. I still can't quite believe the selflessness with which our friends and family acted. I would so much as think of something that needed to be done and there was a friend by my side, pleading that I delegate said task to them. We had folks who crossed a continent just to see us exchange our vows. People would stop at no length on that day to make sure everything was perfect for us, and it really was, and for that I would do the whole thing over again.

ps- see these great pics? I stole them off my friend Laura's blog. She's a pretty great photographer and you can see her work here.