Monday, July 2, 2012

city painting

So, I may not be the best at updating lately, but as we all know it's hard to keep up on things when life isn't exactly, well, normal. So here's the scoop: we live in the attic of an old 18th century farmhouse in the Hudson River town of New Windsor with Garin (the artist with whom Sean is apprenticing) and his family. This includes a 2-year-old Weimeraner named Lincoln who keeps us busy with tug-of-war, stick throwing, and generally dreaming about having a dog of our own. Garin has a huge studio in the back of the house and some days Sean paints in there and models come at night, other times they do plain air. Well last week Sean got the privilege of painting with James Gurney, whose work you might recognize from Dinotopia or National Geographic, and he posted a video on his own blog. So to catch you all up, I thought I'd share it here. Enjoy! -hil