Tuesday, April 17, 2012

definitely flattered

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First off, sorry all for my long and spontaneous vacation from blogging. I threw out my back at the end of March which landed me on the rug in our living room with an ice pack and a bottle of ibuprofen for about a week. Yes, my extremities were fully functional, so I had no excuse not to get my little fingers typing, but when your back doesn't work, I find it's difficult to put the rest of yourself to work. After I was finally able to hoist myself off the floor, Spring Break rolled around for Sean and I, and we promptly rolled out of town. But now it's back to business as usual, and I've accumulated quite the list to share with you, including an outdoor art project, a gorgeous wedding, and maybe even a recipe or two.
But before all that I wanted to share a couple exciting somethings: HomewardHandmade has been getting some press! I felt so honored to find one of my pieces featured on flattery, an adorable fashion blog. Seriously, I can't look through her posts without turning green with envy. Lucky for me (and you!) you can peruse and purchase her closet. I blushed when I found my little flower crown pictured along with some other creative Etsy women I so admire, like Garden of Whimsy, K is for Kani, and The Honey Comb.
On top of that, the lovely Sam at The Frosted Petticoat featured the same piece in one of her beautiful inspiration boards. If you're looking for some wedding ideas, this blog should be a stop on your list. You can  view real weddings, inspiration collections, and even the bloggers take on what a wedding would look like for an unlikely pair (one of her featured ideas is for the hypothetical wedding of Angelina Jolie and Mr. Darcy). Stop by and give her a look, and thank you for the love! -hil
the frosted petticoat blog

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