Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This past month has been saturated with the practical stresses of human life: moving, tying up loose ends, and generally preparing for a new chapter. Sean and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary at the beginning of this week. It was a welcomed period to the run-on sentence that was our move to a house on the other side of town, an unsavory activity that ate up our entire weekend. Sean is finishing his last bits of work today before summer vacation, and I am making sense of a house littered with cardboard boxes. The end of this week will send us on a long journey north where we will be spending 6 weeks in New York's Hudson River Valley. Basically, it's a busy/exciting/tiring time, which is good. It feels like our stage is being reset, and a whole new act is about to play out. I'm looking forward to devoting my attention to the etsy shop during our time there, while Sean apprentices with a master painter. The Hudson River Valley boasts an illustrious list of artists in it's history, chief among them being Thomas Cole, and a long tradition of plein air painting. We are thrilled to have the opportunity, and excited to get the moving done so we can get to the fun part.
Until then. -hil
photo by Chris Ramirez for the New York Times. Check out the article that goes with it here.

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