Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Series

I've been working on a new series lately inspired by a gift our friend Alex gave us for our wedding. He found a ton of sweet, old timey looking books and put them in a big box with some really adorable owl bookends and wrapped them up. On top of that, he even added to one of the old inscriptions. So now in "The Home Affections" the front page reads as follows: "To dear Neville with love from your grandma. June 1920." "For dear Stuart, on his birthday, 3 Aug. 1982. With love from Neville." "For dear Hilary and Sean on their wedding day, 11 June, 2011. With love from Alex."
On of the books included in this package is called "Everybody's Speaker" and is a book on oration. In the front it teaches how to speak, and in the back offers speeches and poems. There are these great instructive illustrations in the front above different hand gestures and body language and I've been doing little gouache paintings on them. I just finished the first one yesterday. Here's a little in progress peak at it:

And the finished piece:

Now to frame it or mount it. I think once the whole series is done I might digitally reprint them and make them into a set of postcards. I'll keep you posted.


  1. It is so great that you are making art!

  2. You are a creating machine. I'd buy those postcards in one second.