Tuesday, January 17, 2012

home again, home again.

 Well folks, we're back! After a week of great food, awesome views, and good friends, we're fat and happy as Augustus Gloop with a river of chocolate in our bellies. I know I said I'd be back yesterday, but I came down with a traveler's cold and a case of must-clean-the-house. There's nothing like being away from your digs for a week to make you feel like a homebody. This week I'm excited to share some highlights from our adventures in Seattle and Colorado (get ready to salivate over some seriously good eats), plus a few goals for the new year and practical ways to implement them. For one, I want my life to be more full of awe, as is demonstrated in the photo series I've included. Above you can see Sean's response to our first stop inside of Rocky Mountain National Park. Below is the view he's responding to. It just makes sense. More to come! -hil


  1. More!! I can't wait for the rest!! Also, I never want to forget what Sean's face looks like in that photo. Just amazing.