Tuesday, February 14, 2012

5 cheers for Valentine's

Things making today great:
#1: Got this great note in the mail all the way from the Colorado Quays. Arguably one of the best Valentine's ever, considering it was decorated with German sheet music for the song "Der Mai ist gekommen." Allow me to translate the last bar: "We the folk wander outside on heavenly treasures, and stand in appreciation of the wide, wide world." Thanks, Quays. We love you huge.
#2: Got a SECOND VALENTINE (I know! so loved) in the mail from Sean's parents! It was super sweet and super practical since they enclosed a Kroger gift card for us. I was so touched. That's literally the most thoughtful gift I can think of right now. Thanks, Dan and Heidi. Happy Valentine's to you!
#3: This cute video from the Etsy blog:
#4: Sean and I went on our Valentine's date last night to our favorite hole-in-the-wall chinese restaurant. We splurged a little and got drinks, which they serve in ridiculous novelty glasses. Also included is a look at the Valentine's specials. I appreciate the wittiness of the latter.
#5: Sean got me flowers. Gosh, aren't they beautiful? And he ordered them from my shop and I had no idea until suddenly I was handed a vase in the middle of work. Thanks, sweet husband of mine. You're the best.

And now I'm off to work to ship flowers all over the place all day. Not the worst job in the world, I suppose.

Any great Valentine's plans out there today? Or maybe something wonderful has already happened? Be sure to show each other love. Happy Valentine's Day, folks.

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