Wednesday, February 22, 2012

still here

I'm here to apologize for these weird posting intervals. I know I am keeping strange hours, it's just all I can muster right now. Between making sure the little munchkins at the Art's Center get on the right bus, don't eat the glue sticks, and have fun making art, not to mention work at the flower shop, my days seem completely booked. But have no fear! It won't always be this way. Sean and I actually got away from it all by heading down to Cincinnati this past Sunday. The church where we got married, St. Elizabeth's in Norwood, has an old convent on it's campus. It housed nuns all the way up through the 1990's, and now it's been renovated and turned into a sort of retreat center. Our friend Kim gave us a gift certificate to go there as an engagement present. We went and stayed for one night and it was the most restful thing I've done in years. They don't keep any clocks in the rooms so you have no schedule, no to-do list running for miles. We simply sat and read poetry and ate home-baked bread and drank tea. I felt so refreshed afterwards, and it was hard to jump back into the business of life. It did remind us of the importance of living sustainabley, and not in a manner that will just burn you out. So that's what I'm trying to do; I'm not abandoning you, I promise. -hil

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