Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Whimsical Wedding in Oxford, Ohio

I have the immense pleasure today of sharing with you a truly beautiful wedding. Two of our dear friends, Ellen and Luke, got hitched right here in our little town of Oxford. And while Oxford can sometimes seem small, full of jaywalkers, and home to inexplicably loud frat parties, for a wedding it is only perfect and quaint. Ellen and Luke tied the knot at the Oxford Community Arts Center, a beautiful historic building that used to be the Oxford College for Women. In addition to their lovely venue, Ellen added creative and unique DIY touches to the entire event. She crafted handmade fabric flowers for the groomsmen and centerpieces and even an adorable banner as a wedding cake topper using the fabric swatches from the custom Louise Hedley bridesmaid dresses, which were each sewn with a different patterned vintage fabric. I was honored to get to craft a bridal headpiece for Ellen, as well as a little something for each of the bridesmaids to wear in their hair. They even had a photo booth that doubled as a guest book. It was a lovely day and a gorgeous wedding, which is so fitting for this couple whose love for one another is so beautiful. Enjoy! -hil
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  1. What a fantastic wedding it was. Ellen is one creative bear.