Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Deck the Halls and Dust off your DVDs

Allow me to explain my absence for the last half of last week. I had a little slip-up with a pairing knife while cutting some carnations at the flower shop and ended up with eight stitches in a very sore thumb. While this was incredibly inconvenient and took me out of work (this blog included) for a couple of days, it did allow me to catch up on some of my favorite films of the season. So, to quote Rob Gordon, here are my "all time, top five" movies to watch around Christmas. Enjoy! -hil

The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)
My all time favorite version of Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol." I'm not usually a Muppet fan, but this rendition is very beautiful and full of the whimsy of animation, only without it. Plus, Michael Cane plays Scrooge and Gonzo plays the narrator, Charles Dickens himself. What's not to love?

The Family Stone (2005)
Okay, so I'm a little embarrassed about this one (I know it seems super chick-flicky) but I love it and it's easily rentable from the local library. It's an all-star cast and follows the Stone family through their holiday as they learn to accept new members into their close-knit unit and learn to face new challenges. Basically, the now-grown Stone children learn to actually grow up. It's heartwarming and I cry every time at the end.

Little Women (1994)
Always a beautiful story, but that first scene set with the winter that the March sisters recall as "the coldest of our childhood," feels so much like Christmas. It's a wonderful story of a Family that doesn't have much but finds wealth in the company of one another. If not that, what is Christmas about? And when Beth gets that new piano from Laurie's priceless. An absolute must. Plus, Kirsten Dunst is just an itty bitty and Christian Bale grows a snooty mustache.

Love, Actually (2003)
I know, I know, so cliché. But throw out the Kiera Knightley plot line and keep rewinding that part where Hugh Grant dances to the Pointer Sisters and you've got a pretty good Christmas film. My favorite line? "I'm the Lobster," said with that cute little british accent.

Hook (1991)
Ok, so this movie isn't about Christmas, but it does remind us all of the beauty of childhood, to think happy thoughts, and remember: never grow up. I think Christmas tends to bring out the kid in everyone, not to mention an appreciation for your family. This film accomplishes both feats. Bangarang!

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