Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gift Guide for the Chef

Todays gift guide is brought to you by guest blogger Lindsey Stevens. Lindsey lives in Cincinnati and is an avid cook. I know I am in for a treat every time I get the honor of eating her food because she is always up for a challenge and loves to experiment with new ingredients. She's earned a degree from Midwest Culinary Institute and has curated a list of goodies with which every chef should stock their kitchen. Thanks, Linds!
Read on for details and Lindsey's comments after the jump!
1. Spice Mill $5.99
Quit buying that pre-ground gravel and discover a life full of flavor. My pepper mill is a classic wooden model that was 50¢ at Ikea, but the adjustable grind is priceless.
There's a reason chefs always present on white. Show off your awesome cooking on a funky shape instead so that blood orange gastrique you drew all over the plates with will really pop.
3. Global Chef's Knives $115-$167
Your knife is your life. My Global G2 has held it's edge longer than any knife I've ever owned, plus it's light, thin, and perfectly balanced. Great for pretty much anything.
4. Rice Steamer $50-73
This was my first cooking appliance purchase, and I will replace it the second it dies. Perfect. Rice. Every. TIme.
Now that I know life with a Dutch oven, I will never be without. I've had my eye on this one for a while because it's topped with my initial, and it's bright green.
Because you know you're tired of straining the herbs out of your sauce. I could have used this over thanksgiving for all the bay leaves and peppercorns I threw in every pot. If you prefer to spend four times as much, there's a space-age version in the MoMA store.
7. Parchment Paper $2-$4 at your local grocer
Line your baking sheets with it to keep baked goods and roasted veggies from sticking. Or make little envelopes and throw in herbs and anything you want and have a crazy flavorful dinner, I don't care what it is. Parchment paper is magic!
Don't question whether you need this because you do. Citrus zest instantly takes anything you make from everyday to "ooh, fancy!" Treat yourself and buy a fun color so you can find it in the drawer easily.
9. Mini Silicon Spatula Set $6.92
They look ridiculous, but trust me: they are amazing for getting that last bit of whatever out of the jar.

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  1. I love this list and it's affordable! Next on my list, rice steamer. Perfect rice is hard to pass up... Thanks Lindsey!