Wednesday, February 15, 2012

just a little bit of bragging.

Now that the holiday is over and I don't have to hustle off and make sure other people got their flowers, I can enjoy my own. I know I posted a bit about them yesterday, but these blooms are brag-worthy. Somehow Sean managed to order me flowers from the florist at which I work without my knowledge, and they were, in my opinion, the most beautiful flowers we sent out over the past couple of days. They include some of my all-time favorites: daffodils, hypericum berry, and these beautiful roses we got in last week That my boss must have seen me drooling over. The pictures don't do them justice.
On top of all that (can you believe there's more?) Sean got our wedding invitations framed. I know what you're thinking: who even thinks of that? It's just so sweet. And it looks great up on our wall. We don't even have any wedding pictures up yet, and the invitations were an art project we collaborated on, so it was really meaningful. I know we were both proud of our work when we finished them, and it's like we both have one of our own pieces framed on the wall now. It was also a complete surprise that I never would have guessed.
Ok, ok, I'll stop my bragging now. Anything you'd like to brag about from yesterday? A sly surprise or chivalrous gesture? -hil


  1. My man cooked me a delicious salmon dinner. It was the first meal we've shared in the apartment we will live in together! So sweet.