Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back in town

At long last, Sean and I are back in Oxford. New York flew by and now we're busying our little fingers preparing for the school year, unpacking our new home, and generally getting back into the swing of things. That, of course, includes this blog which has sat sad and neglected all summer long. Well no more, my dear friends. I have quite the slew of material saved up, including a house and studio tour of our New York adventure, thoughts and reviews on hunting down quality materials, and of course a new recipe or two.

Ah, life as I know it. It's good to back.

To get you caught up Cliffs Notes style, I'm just going to hook you up to my Instagram IV. A quick rundown: road tripping to NY, our attic room window, studio, NYC times, our live-in dog Lincoln, Sean painting (a model at the house + Grand Central at night), some new Homeward Handmade pieces, supplies, and home again. Enjoy! -hil

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