Thursday, August 16, 2012

New York house + studio tour

Today I want to draw the veil back just a tad on Sean and I's time in New York. If you're just joining us, my husband and I recently had the opportunity to spend six weeks in the Hudson River Valley while he apprenticed with painter Garin Baker and I worked in my own studio developing products for my Etsy shop, HomewardHandmade. It was a productive and exciting summer for us both, and I thought the best way to fill you in would be to give you a little tour of the property on which we were staying.
Garin's home is an old revolutionary era farmhouse that has been fixed up and refurbished over the 20-odd years he's lived there. The house has an old carriage house in the back which has been renovated to become a large and beautiful studio, hence Garin has dubbed it Carriage House Art Studios. He works solo in the back section and holds workshops and open model sessions in the front. When he hosts larger workshops spanning a few days, he rents out the bedrooms in the top floor of the farm house, one of which we stayed in for the duration of the summer.
First, let's head back to the studio. You can see the original door still in place on the front of it, and much of the old wooden beams preserved inside. In the top shot you see the front of the studio where workshops are held with both Garin and Sean working away, and in the bottom shots the back portion of the carriage house.
Next, let's head inside the house. Join me after the jump!

We enter the house through the kitchen, which has a phenomenal hearth with a legit stone pizza oven built into the wall next to it. To head up to the second floor where my summer studio was, we'll take the small back staircase off the kitchen... the top of which we'll find my studio. I was set up in an unrenovated room of the house just down the stairs from our bedroom, which is where we'll head next.
Finally, our humble attic room where we lived for the six weeks. It's still hard to believe we were really there and actually had the opportunity to go. Thanks for tagging along on my little tour. Hope you enjoyed! -hil


  1. I loved seeing this! What a beautiful summer for the Oswalds.

  2. What a great experience the two of you had!