Tuesday, November 8, 2011

balloons + birthday

So I am finally starting to get into birthday mode. Maybe it's the unseasonably warm weather, or that we've been super busy, or that my folks are out of town, but I just haven't felt that fluttery "my birthday is coming!" feeling this year. But today. Today it is sinking in. For starters I got my first birthday presents of the year from Sean's family this weekend, and I'm so excited about each of them! Today I cleaned up the house from our trip north and put this beautiful throw (except in mustard yellow!) they gave me on our bed. It looks perfect and was a great surprise because I registered for it way back in April but then thought Crate & Barrel had sold out of them. But Heidi is a shopper to beat the best of them, and that didn't stop her. It was such a sweet, thoughtful gift. I also reorganized all my makeup into this cute bag from them this morning. And, as soon the the aforementioned unseasonal weather abates, I will be wearing my new birthday mittens everywhere, even to bed. I love my gifts! Thanks, Oswalds!

On top of all that, Sean woke up early and made me his signature breakfast bowl this morning for birthday week. It was so sweet, and nice to have time together in the morning.

Since my birthday is, after all, tomorrow, I thought I'd share what in my opinion is one of the cutest ways to celebrate a birthday: Geronimo Balloons! This little LA based company delivers happiness in glittery-fringed balloon form for any occasion. Have I mentioned how much I love weather balloons? Not to mention these decadent "balloon troopers"! Gosh, they are just lovely. The founder of this company, Jihan Zencirli, started making these whimsical wonders to celebrate occasions with her friends and family in 2010. Well, she wasn't too hard to miss. Since the balloons were so big, she would drive to locations with them bobbing out the sunroof of her VW Bug or, better yet, just tie them to the back of her bicycle. Now if the thought of that doesn't bring a smile to your face, I don't know what will. I think if my birthday could take a physical form, I would want it to look like a handful of these balloons: lovely, fun-filled, and there to simply be enjoyed. -hil