Thursday, November 24, 2011

A last minute list for Thanksgiving day

Happy thanksgiving! I hope you're all cozily snuggled on your couches watching the big parade. But if you're anything like my family, you're probably busily making a schedule for oven use or being sent out to the grocery store with a last minute list in your hot little hand. So to help with these eleventh-hour errands, I've compiled a short list of items that never hurt to have around this capitol of all cooking days. You can view it after the jump. Hope it's helpful and have a great holiday! -hil

1. Chef Paul's Poultry Magic I can hardly remember a Thanksgiving where my did didn't smother our Turkey in Chef Paul's. It's good to have on hand, even if your gravy just needs an extra kick.
2. Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano D'Abruzzo This is one of my favorite wines we sell at the restaurant because it's compatible with everything. I know traditionally white wines are served with this heavy meal, and we usually pop open a Liebfraumilch for the beginning of the feast, but by the end it's usually time for a little red wine on the palate. This robust Italian has a nice balance of robust, spicy flavors and lightness.
3. Dangold Gourmet Collection Roasted Vegetables and Fries Spice This one's another fix-all as far as veggies go. We use this on everything from potatoes to asparagus. It has the perfect combination of spicy and salty.
4. Pfefferminz Tea My mom keeps german peppermint tea stocked in her pantry at all times, but especially for occasions such as this. When your belly is full, there's nothing better than a stomach soothing peppermint tea to settle it.
5. Fresh Cranberries The only time I can ever find these at our local grocery store is this time of year, and they're just too good to pass up. They can be used in so many holiday dishes, but also on their own. Candied cranberries are delicious and a great little treat to have sitting around to pop in your mouth for  a touch of sweetness. Best of all, they're easy to make.

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