Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gift Guide for the Mustachioed Man

Well folks, today you're in luck. I am fortunate enough to share with you a carefully curated gift guide from one of our dearest friends. If you have a Ron Swanson in your life, look no further than this handy compilation. This is a guest post from outdoorsman extraordinaire Brian Quay. Brian lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his lovely wife Shannon and their Siberian Husky, Manii. He is currently pursuing a Graduate degree in Natural Resource Economics from Colorado State University. Brian is a fan of climbing mountains, growing mustaches, reducing his carbon footprint, and brewing beer. Enjoy!

Read on for the details and Brian's comments after the jump!

1. Wall Street Journal Subscription $2.29 weekly
It’s time to read news that matters (i.e., news that effects everyone). Sure, the paper is owned by NewsCorp. (CEO Rupert Murdoch), but good luck finding a daily news source with less political and social rhetoric than the WSJ. The gentleman’s preferred news source? Perhaps.
2. Snifter Beer Glass $12.95 for set of 2
These glasses are used to drink high gravity beers (“sippers”). The design of the snifter, which allows for swirling, captures and enhances the aroma of the brew. If you want to experience everything a big beer has to offer, pick up a couple of these: one for you and one for a friend (after all, doesn’t every brew taste better in the company of a comrade?)
3. Double Edge Safety Razor $69.99
My grandpa uses one of these, and for good reason. He’ll go through one blade in the amount of time I throw away 6 disposables, and he shaves twice a day (while I shave twice a week). Let’s do our faces and the environment a huge favor and make the venerable transition.
4. Propane Burner $69.99
Good for brewing beer, making chili for the local cook-off, and boiling some crawfish.
5. Beer Journal $4.00
The most enjoyable way to hone in on your beer tasting skills. Use this journal to critique beers and document the characteristics of different beers. The more you do it, the more advanced your palate will become.
6. Fishtail Weeder $8.20
The best way to weed in close quarters, this weeder allows you remove unwanted guests with precision. Also a great excuse to get your knees and hands dirty. Aka: dandelion weeder.
7. Broadfork $199
The easiest and most sustainable way to aerate soil. Gone are the days of dad’s rototiller, it’s time to do things by hand. This tool allows you to aerate without killing the oh-so necessary organisms living in different layers of soil.
8. Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Pant $82.95
These pants do it all. Wake up with some garden work, take an afternoon hike with the pup in the foothills, and finish the day by treating your lady to dinner and drinks downtown…all without changing your pants. MK’s Orginal Mountain Pants are both beautiful and bulletproof. To top things off, they fit the way pants ought to fit: the waist line sits on top of your hips.


  1. When I read this, objectively, I think to myself, "I would marry this man. This is the kind of man I'd be glad to marry."

  2. I love shannon and brian QUAY! they're so nice! I'm so glad I found your blog, Hil. (ary:)

  3. i got brad that beer journal for christmas last year :) he and his friends have beer tasting parties and take notes!