Friday, November 4, 2011

top three antique store finds

On my way back to the studio from a coffee run yesterday I stopped in the local antique shop. I admit, it is my weakness. I walk right by it on the way to and from getting my morning americano, and the windows are filled with the most alluring fascinations: a taxidermy raccoon playing poker,  an ancient mannequin missing its left arm (with a rather risque "MIAMI" banner tied casually around her, might I add), and a hispanic altarpiece of the madonna and child. Do you really expect me not to waste 45 minutes wandering aimlessly in this curiosity cabinet?
See? You'd never guess those little guys
used to be a dusty cluster of grapes.
I guess I should mention my hope was to find some neat vintage flare for the headpieces I've been making, and I emerged victorious: for $2, a cluster of grapes made from small, pale jade beads. Disassembled, these little orbs, which are already anchored to durable wire, have added some nice whimsy to my creations.
Anyhow. I had to leave behind some real treasures yesterday, and I'm still grieving. Fortunately I had the old cell phone with me and snapped some quick pictures by which to remember these hot commodities, just in case, you know? You can view my tope three pics after the jump. Enjoy! -hil
ps- what's your favorite thrifted/antique store find?

 Loving this lamp. The shade has the perfect color pallet and looks so cute perched atop that old timey grinder. I love the little drawer.

Seriously. Is this not the cutest beaded clutch you've ever seen? Perfect for a summer wedding or anything fancy where you've dressed a little more brightly.

Let me explain about this napkin ring. I don't quite understand what's going on with it or why. The owl on the front of the ring is seated on a wishbone that acts sort of as a stand so the ring won't roll. Is it conceptual? Is it random? Does it have some sort of cultish meaning? Or is it just someone's random art project? I DON'T KNOW! But that's why I find it so fascinating. (Also, you can see my little jade grapes in the background.)

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  1. I love this. And I love these headpieces. That lamp is unreal!