Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bridal Shower Decoration DIY

This weekend Shannon came into town and we had a bridal shower for our lovely friend Ellen who is getting married in just three short weeks! You may recall me posting a little about Ellen's wedding, in particular her vintage floral bridesmaid dresses from Louise Hedley. The nuptials are going to have a blue/green theme along with that lovely dash of bright florals. Our challenge? How to create a beautiful shower to honor our friend on a budget. Get the scoop after the jump!

First, I found a wonderful tutorial on Design*Sponge for tissue paper flowers and made a bunch of them earlier in the week. They really are simple! The only materials you will need are tissue paper in the colors you prefer, scotch tape (really whatever tape), glue, and some sort of moss for the center, like spanish or reindeer. You can get a fuller how-to if you follow the link to Design*Sponge, and also tips on how to male stems and leaves (which I didn't do). However, if you want an abbreviated tutorial for just how to make the heads of the flowers, you can read on below:
Cut tissue paper into 3 different petal sizes. Fold your paper over to easily cut multiples. I found I needed at least 5 petals per row.

Arrange petals in circles by bunching them at the bottom and starting with the smallest ones. I taped each group into place before starting the next size.

Cut two circles of different colored tissue paper. Scrunch up the edges of both circles.

Layer them on top of each other by adding just a dot of glue to the center of the bottom one. 

The original DIY used spanish moss for the centers, but I liked the look of this dyed reindeer moss for the centers, especially since it reenforced the blue/green theme.

I taped these up in clusters around the tops of bookcases instead of using stems since our house is so small. 

Second, we gathered some vintage sheets and ripped them into strips to use as streamers. These went out on the front porch.
With the help of some blue tissue paper puffs Shannon brought and a couple silk flowers, we transformed the porch into a whimsical entryway.

The lovely bride-to-be enjoying those floral prints all around. Isn't she a beaut? -hil

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