Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why I love Ginestra (and so should you)

Yesterday at the flower shop I was processing a new shipment and in it I found (oh joy!) Ginestra! Ginestra  is what we call a filler flower; it's never the star of the show but it does a great job next to big poms or roses in helping to make a bouquet look full. The flowers come in many different colors: yellow, pink, white, lavender, and even orange. They are arranged as many tiny buds on green wispy stalks and have a fresh, weedy elegance to them. But by far the best thing about this flower is its scent. Whereas many flowers you buy in a shop today don't have any scent to speak of anymore, Ginestra smells like a million miles of honeysuckle on your favorite summer day. It's perfume is so strong and rich and pretty...just put a bouquet of it in your home and you'll find yourself catching a wonderful wiff every time you walk by.
delightfully engaged
You may be wondering about now why, with all this talk of it's wonder, Ginestra isn't the filler of choice for most florists. I will tell you: it's expensive. Ginestra is imported from the hills of Italy, which accounts for most of the price-hike. Also, babies breath is dirt cheap and the most well-known filler flower, though I have yet to find a florist who thinks very highly of it. (note: if you're looking for a nice filler that's not as expensive, go with wax flower. It doesn't smell, but it's beautiful and comes in a small variety of colors).
I did find a great blog on a gorgeous bouquet you can make yourself using Ginestra. You can find all the details for this lovely arrangement at Delightfully Engaged. They formulated this particular bunch with Sweet Peas (so pretty!), Ranunculus, Dusty Miller, and Rice Flower. It is absolutely to die for, and the how-to is straight forward and easy to follow. I hope you enjoy making it, or at least using the great tips it shares, and if you're ever in a flower shop (or the italian countryside) keep an eye out for Ginestra. You may grow to love it just as much as me. -Hil

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