Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brooklyn Laundry: why Lindsey Manilla should curate your closet

You may recall me mentioning a visit to New York City a few months back. That visit was to see a lovely Brooklyn based fashionista by the name of Lindsey Manilla, whose been a dear friend of mine for the last eight years of life. We've been through a lot together: road trips, break-ups, weddings, funerals, graduations, job get the picture. I remember Linds when she was still a red-headed, polka dot obsessed high schooler, and even then she was one of the most creative and ambitious people I knew. That hasn't changed. At 25, Linds has already had the opportunity to design for brands as illustrious as J.Crew, Trovata, ADAM, Club Monaco, and Rag&Bone. And now she's bringing her talents to the streets; that's right folks, you can buy her hand-picked looks in her freshly launched vintage shop on Etsy, BrooklynLaundry.
Lindsey has always been a classy dresser, but one of the most remarkable things about her taste is she can spot the most well-made, classically fitting piece in a room in a matter of seconds. She says that "in Fashion Design, you are constantly observing...Constantly!!! You design a lot less often than you think! What is very important is that you are always taking in what's happening around you. What's on the runway, what people are wearing, what color is suddenly on nails everywhere."
This talent alone is not the secret to her success, however. She pairs it with a discerning eye and sees it as her mission "to take it all in and interpret accordingly. New styles and products are constantly coming out, but what  I find most impressive are the styles that have lasted through the trend cycles. The classics that you know when you buy, you will be able to wear time and time again, and in a million different ways. These are the types of pieces I look for myself, and what I select for Brooklyn Laundry. I like to think of it as 'curated classiness,' as my home page on etsy will inform you."As the owner of the closet I most covet, I can tell you Linds is phenomenal at this task. She's helped me move away from buying things I won't wear in a year to investing in pieces I know I can constantly transform and that will continue to be classy for years to come. Her mantra has always been to buy classic shapes: "As a girl on a budget, I think classics are a smart way to shop. Why waste the money on a quick trend? Hold off and put your money  into a piece that is going to build your wardrobe and is going to give you a lot of miles."
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To illustrate her point she even sent over a sneak peak of an item she's about to post in the shop. She says it's "a perfect example of my style and what Brooklyn Laundry is about. It's a classic Mens Oxford that I've got styled on Brett very traditionally, but then I'm wearing it tied in a bow to give it a little more feminine flair while, yes, wearing a pant suit. Super clean and classic yet modern and combining a little feminine and masculine."
Lindsey's personal advice? "One of those wardrobe building pieces that I am currently featuring in my shop is the blazer. I'm a sucker for tailoring and I think every girl and guy should have a great blazer! Whether you want to wear it oversized or fitted, businesslike or with a worn in T, a blazer will add a touch of class to just about any look. Overall, have fun with it! My general rule of thumb is to mix it up, (Style Vintage with New Pieces and mix Masculine with feminine) but always, always keep it Clean and Classic!" She believes this so heartily that she even sent over a coupon code just for the readers here. Enter the code SaltBoxBlazers at checkout and receive 10% off of any purchase in her Etsy shop! Be sure to stop by the shop today and in the weeks to come. Thanks Linds, for all the fashion insight! -hil 

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  1. So excited for you, Lindsey! Thanks Hil for the great post highlighting Brooklyn Laundry. Giving the people what we want, one blog post at a time.