Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chicago part deux: the mini-film

This past weekend in Chicago I tried out the Super 8 app on my iPhone. It was actually really fun to learn to use and nice to have another way to document things besides photographs. You can use different lenses and you actually navigate the camera in the app as though it's a three dimensional object. The app claims that it allows you to edit video footage on your phone, which is true in the sense that you can delete and rearrange shots, but I exported it to iMovie to make it go a little quicker and to add some music. It was fun to see this mini documentary of our lives take shape, because the weekend was very fast; we saw a lot of folks and went a lot of places, but there was so much beauty to it all. I think seeing it crammed into film reflects that nicely. The music is by Anathallo, a (now) Chicago-based outfit. Enjoy!


  1. I loved that video! Such a fun Chicago excursion.

  2. i love your midas touch with beauty. I love how so many normal beautiful things are in my life because they come though you