Tuesday, September 27, 2011


For all you starving artists out there (and even those of you who are fed) I wanted to make you aware of a new tool at your creative disposal. A friend of a friend told me about Foalio last week. It's sort of like LinkedIn for creative types, but with even more features. You can make a professional resume on it and upload a portfolio as well. It even allows you to create "projects" that you are working on, and if you upgrade to pro it enables you to have unlimited portfolio space, be notified of jobs that might fit you sooner, and provides an e-marketplace for your art. If you are a designer of any sort, or even an artist searching for a gig, this isn't a bad place to put yourself out there. It will ideally allow you to find jobs and projects that suit your skill set and guide potential employers to you. There also seems to be a function that helps artists and designers find each other and collaborate. So what are you waiting for? This might help make art your day job, and it definitely beats checking the art/media/design postings on craigslist everyday.

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