Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today as I was trying to sort through some old boxes I found these great drawer knobs I bought on sale at anthropologie a few months back. I have nothing to use them on (yet) but I am quite smitten with the map craze that's going on these days. In fact, this got me thinking about all the other places maps have been cropping up lately. I mean, I used maps to wrap a lot of gifts this Christmas. The bottom line is a map has great detail and color and can add that perfect vintage flair to a design. It can really make a room. Here are a few new ways you can introduce them to your own home:

Lamps: you can find this little "artichoke" lamp on Etsy.

Wallpaper: You can DIY this project by hunting down a myriad of vintage maps and collaging them onto your wall or buy map wallpaper.

Furniture: I love this great project idea from Apartment Therapy. How to use your old atlases to update your old dresser.

Decor: I love these vintage map pillows. They would be perfect in our living room, or a great gift for a friend who's moving away.


  1. Love this. So much.

  2. Beautiful picture of the door knobs. I love whats happening on this site, hilbot.