Friday, September 23, 2011

How To: make french press coffee

Not only is french press delicious, it's also the most frugal way to brew coffee. Sean and I spend approximately three cents per cup of coffee in our household. No disposable filters are used, so there's no waste except for the grounds when we're done, and we usually dump those out on the garden as fertilizer. Also, it's an integral part of our morning ritual. Below you will find a brief, comprehensive tutorial on how to make your own french press coffee. All you need is a press, beans, and hot water. Our press is by Bodum, a pretty reputable brand, but you can find presses anywhere housewares are sold. We always buy our beans whole because it tends to taste fresher, but you can buy them from coffee shops pre ground for the french press. Just make sure you specify when you order them. Enjoy!

This post is dedicated to the brilliant life of my dear friend and room mate Kimi Dora Young, whose life unexpectedly ended this day two years ago. Among other things, Kimi taught me to make french press coffee, enjoy red wine, and share life. Her exuberance for life is still burning in so many of us. We will never forget you, Kim-bot, and we take today to remember you and all the beautiful lessons you taught us, all the lovely gifts you left us.
We miss you, Kimi.

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