Monday, September 26, 2011

salute to boots

Part of the reason I get so excited when fall comes around is that I finally get to dig my sweaters, scarves, and, most importantly, boots out of the closet. I love dressing for cold weather and tend to get a hankering for a new pair of boots this time of year. Here are the top ten on my list this autumn. -hil

1. Cole Haan Air Kennedy Buckle Boot $398 2. Luxury Jones Boot $438 3. Sorel Tivoli Plaid Boot $110 4. FRYE Owen Crepe Tall Boot $298 5. Keen Snowmass Low Waterproof Boot $129.95 6. Rebels Strada Ankle Boot $59.99 7. Plenty by Tracy Reese Gilda Pump $128.61 8. Sorel Mackenzie Holiday Lace Boot $84.67 9. Capped and Cuffed Booties $158 10. Groundhog Duncan Ankle Boot $145.72


  1. I got my black and white Sorel 1964 Pacs brand new on ebay for $40 at the end of summer last year. In fact, a coworker and I have the same pair because we both liked them so we got 2 pairs and split shipping. Tracy Reese shoes are so great.


    What about these beautiful quoddys?! Handmade from Maine?!

  3. Although not technically boots, I suppose.

    PS. I check your blog everyday and look forward to your posts!

  4. I have been obsessed with the quoddys for years! I think they qualify as honorary boots. Also, thank you for the encouragement.

    And Linds: I've considered getting another part time job just to fund a tracy reese habit.