Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Behind Closed Doors: my current studio project

I've been holed up in my studio for the last week or so playing around with some new materials. My dear friend Ellen is getting married in the spring and we've been drooling over dresses and hair adornments which really is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. Let's be honest: it's fun to pick out lots of pretty things for yourself. We have found some beautiful fascinators and head wreaths online. Since we're both artists, of course our first response was, "we can make those." And I've been trying my hand at it ever since. Of course, none of the items I've made are the right palette and look for Ellen's wedding, but I was just having so much fun working with these beautiful materials that I had to pursue my tangent.
So for the first time this week I've emerged from the studio and I have three (almost) finished products to show for it. I'm going to let you guys have a sneak peek.
View all three designs after the jump!

 Berry Garland
Admittedly these creations go from relatively tame to sort of extravagant, and this first look is probably the most subtle. Just a few berries and a mossy vine. I really enjoy the tie on this, which is sewn from vintage fabric with a butterfly pattern on it. It creates a cute knot in the back which would look especially nice punctuating an up do.
 Demeter Headband
This one is made almost exclusively of dried naturals. I'm thinking of adding a tiny veil out of some vintage lace I've got. Conjures up visions of harvest time.
Definitely the biggest and boldest of all, this one was just fun. It's made with vintage velvet ribbon that is so lovely and matches the softness of the Succulents beautifully.

Thanks for taking time for my sneak peek! Do you have any craftiness you're excited about? Does anyone have a great wedding hair idea?-hil


  1. holy moly I love these. Can we go back in time so I can wear the Berry Garland in my own wedding?

  2. Horray for not being married yet!

  3. these are so very beautiful, Hilly. I love seeing your creations on here!

  4. Really lovely! The Demeter headband is my favorite :)