Monday, October 24, 2011

Yulia Brodskaya, the paper whisperer

My sister Kristi turned me on to this Russian Wonder. Julia Brodska is a graphic artist whose work has appeared in Target ads, Oprah magazine, book covers, and much more. She is trained as a graphic designer but her passion is for the handmade. She reports that she has always felt a special connection to paper and  would make designs with it to get a break from sitting in front of a computer screen all day. One day while trying to come up with a design concept, she returned to a technique she'd learned in the olden days called "quilling": an art form which uses strips of paper curled around a quill to make a coil form. After that she was hooked, and her passion for using paper caught on because she started getting commission work out the wazoo. Her work is absolutely breathtaking and intricate; it's probably the most lovely ad work I've seen in quite some time.

I'm a softy for good graphic design, but these are especially wonderful to me because they are handmade. Look at the craft! Look at that form! A human made these things. The precision is unfathomable and the beauty of these designs is astounding. Enjoy more from this London-based designer after the jump.


  1. Those are gorgeous. I especially love the last two. Wow.