Tuesday, October 11, 2011

throw out your laptop

the Ghost
I'm always tempted to invest when I see an old typewriter sitting in an antique store, yard sale, or thrift shop. They are such beautiful, utilitarian objects. To this day my dad keeps his trusty electric typewriter oiled and ready next to his laptop on his office desk. And more often than not it's what he goes to for memo writing. So what if I told you the best of both worlds was out there? That you can have the charm of a vintage typewriter but the smooth speed and agility of your macbook plus style points off the charts?

Meet Kasbah Mod, a line of revamped, refurbished, and blinged-out typewriters. Each of these has been reclaimed and works better than the day your grandaddy ordered it out of the old Sears & Roebuck, plus it looks slick. Enjoy! -hil
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Custom Hermes Rocket Orange
Custom Royal Portable 1
The Time Traveller
Custom Smith/Corona
1929 LC Smith & Corona Standard 8

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  1. oh my. maybe you could get them all...and have a room full of them? They are all so beautiful!