Monday, October 10, 2011

culinary brooklyn

I thought it fitting to finish out my tales of our New York trip with one of my favorite parts: the food! We had the privilege of dining on some absolutely scrumptious eats while we were there. All the restaurants in Brooklyn seem to be very proud of their fare, and they are into serving up free range, organic foods. This makes for some tasty meals, let me tell you. I probably had the most delicious chicken sandwich ever our first day there; it was finished with watercress, mint, cilantro, and pickled veggies.
I cataloged our food from two of the places we went:
A visual guide to our meals after the jump!

Cafe Habana
Ok, ok, so the Cafe Habana we went to was actually in the city. The Habana Outpost is the location in Brooklyn. The food was amazing! They have that whole corn on the cob there that's smothered in crema, cayenne pepper, and cojita cheese.
My meal: fish tacos. Battered and fried and served up with slaw. The tastiest
rice and beans I've ever had.
Lindsey's meal: Chilaquiles. With the eggs they call it "trucker style."
With salsa verde and black beans. Yum.
Lindsay's dish: potato and chorizo hard tacos, drizzled with that
wonderful crema.
Rachel's meal: The classic cuban sandwich. Full of meats, and the best
I've ever had.
For the table: Lindsay got an order of sweet, gooey plantains. The outside
was perfectly caramelized.
Miller's Tavern
We had brunch at Miller's Tavern our last day in Brooklyn. They have great specials, not to mention a great take on brunch classics.
My dish: Biscuits and gravy with the most delicious fennel sausage gravy
in the world. Even the greens were extremely tasty.
Brett's meal: the breakfast sandwich. It had some sort of delicious looking
aioli on it and some great bacon 
Lindsey's Brunch: Another special. An omelet stuffed with butternut squash
and cheese.
Rachel's meal: Last but definitely not least! I almost got this. Their take on eggs
 benedict with I think a roasted tomato hollandaise and thick sliced pancetta.


  1. Cafe Habana looks delicious! There's a place I always go to in Columbus that has fried plantains and we get them every time.

  2. I'm so glad for all the food I ate on this trip. Thank you Jesus. And NY.