Friday, October 14, 2011

A salute to my natal occasion

In almost exactly one month I will have existed for a quarter century. That's correct, my birthday is right around the corner and I will have the power to rent a car! Every year my mom asks me to send her a wish list and every year I forget. This time I decided to take the time and make a visual assemblage of my birthday wishes. So here they are, folks. The collection of things I'd like, practical and frivolous, to rip balloon-patterned paper off of next month: 
Read on for details after the jump!

1. Lands End Women's SunShower Parka |$79.99| These last few months as I've been trying to only use my bike to get around town, I've realized I need a practical rain coat. This one has one of those little beaks on the hood so the rain won't get in my eyes quite as much.
2. Michael Michaud Bittersweet Necklace |$136| I saw this jewelry designer at a boutique in Brooklyn while we were visiting. I hardly ever am covetous of jewelry, but this guy does all botanical pieces, which is really my achilles heel. He also makes a killer pair of strawberry hoop earrings.
3. Color Pair Loafers |$150| Mom, I promise, I'll wear these every day of my life! Just look how cute they are. They'll go with everything.
4. Brooks B17 Bicycle Saddle |$79.99| Now this is something I really need to outfit my bike with. I've been stuck with the B-class factory saddle on my LHT these past few months and I am ready like, yesterday, to upgrade to something a little more comfy. Brooks has been making quality saddles for ever and ever, and that leather apparently makes for a very comfortable ride.
5. Lined Convertible Gloves |$24| I love a pair of glittens as much as the next person, but most importantly for an Ohio winter, these are lined!
6. Timbuk2 Builtt Pannier Messenger |$85| This bag is pure magic! It clips to the back of my bike rack but then becomes a messenger bag when I need to take it in the grocery store. Truly at the top of my list.
7. Mountain Home Sweatshirt |$48| I think it's safe to say I haven't bought anything new for my closet since my wedding dress, and this is so cute and looks so comfy for the fall.
8. Chickadee Delight Travel Case |$24.99| I've been using the same ratty makeup case for years now and it's (literally) falling apart at the seams. I could use something more practical that's a little bigger also so it can fit everything when I travel. And I love those chickadees.
9. Effortless Corduroy Skirt |$88| This is the perfect length, a great splash of color for fall, and it fits on the natural waist. I can wear it to teach class or un-proffesor it for a night on the town. Plus it has pockets, so what's not to love.
10. Bern Muse Hard Hat | approx. $100| I really need to invest in a helmet for riding around town. This one is simple and I like how it looks. That's about it.
11. Handmade Marketplace |$10.17| This book is a great resource on how to sell your handmade wares locally and online. It's one I would love to have around as I try to figure out how to market handmade products.
12. The Montana Infinity Loop Scarf |$70| I love these scarves! You can double them up and wear them super warm on your neck of use them as a hood/scarf combo. I even love the citron color this comes in.
13. Vibram FiveFingers Running Shoes |$90| During the summer Sean and I were on a kick trying to run barefoot. Unfortunately, it's hard to break into it because it makes blisters on your feet, which in turn makes it hard to work. However, I did like the feeling of it and would love to continue to try, and I need a new pair of running shoes pretty desperately.

Thanks for reading! I hope it helps, mom. -hil

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