Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sprout Home

clockwise from top left: walking in the city in the rain, Sprout Home Garden, Rockefeller Center, Sprout Home Floral
succulents and cacti in Sprout Home
This weekend Linds took us to visit one of her favorite shops in Brooklyn: Sprout Home. It's a really adorable floral and garden store from which I desperately wanted to buy everything. I had visions of turning our entire living room into a sunroom with hanging terrariums and air plants you can put on the wall. It made me want to live nearby just so I could walk home with a bundle of Ranunculus in the crook of my arm. The front of the store showcased a bountiful variety of terrariums and also some beautiful cacti and succulents: things that would brighten any apartment but need minimal care. You can even attend workshops there to make your own terrariums, something I think would make a great creative date. They had all sorts of things to put in the terrariums and all sorts of containers to make them out of. It was really inspiring, considering I bought four different glass vessels last year with that express purpose in mind yet made zero terrariums. They also were selling a gorgeous collection of Jill Bliss cards.

beautiful terrariums in the front window
Rach looking all cute out in front of the shop.
Look at all that gorgeous green!
Eventually we wound our way to the back courtyard of the garden section: Lindsey's favorite. She said she likes to just come back there and sit for a moment sometimes, and for good reason: it's filled with beautiful, lush green from wall to wall. It was delicious. Being in the city is so different from where Sean and I live in rural Ohio. People in New York are so much better at being intentional about surrounding themselves with plant life. You have to be, I suppose, but I think I have a tendency to take it for granted since I see green so often. Sprout Home is a good example of how that intentionality has grown creativity in green thumbed New Yorkers. It made me want to put more thought into my own gardening. And it was probably the most beautiful garden store I've ever seen. Thanks to Linds for sharing it with us! You can visit locations yourself in Brooklyn or Chicago and follow their blog here.

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