Monday, October 31, 2011

Martha, or should I say "Motha," does it again

I have a secret admission: I love Martha Stewart. I think she could make a designer wreath out of the dust bunnies behind my bedroom door and it would become the decor centerpiece of our home for years to come; frankly, I think she's brilliant! And always has such creative ideas.

Now I don't ever get too psyched about Halloween. It's just not my favorite holiday: I'm one of those mulled-cider-drinking, carol-singing, sweater-with-jingle-bells-sewn-on Christmas freaks. But when Sean and I were at Barnes and Noble this weekend and I saw the gorgeous costume Martha had come up with for the cover of her Halloween Special, I was nearly converted!

Her theme was "B-movie monsters", complete with a costume lineup of teen wolf, swamp thing, and the disappearing man. Her costume was the one to top them all, though: Motha, more than just a delightful play on words, was beautiful, particularly in the makeup department. She had these gorgeous moth wings she'd glued around her eyes and they were just stunning! If you buy the special she gives you a template to print them out and then recommends pheasant feathers to embellish the look. I am definitely going to use this concept for costumes and photo shoots in the future. It's such a great way to get some whimsical drama. You can read Motha's DIY how-to here. Thanks to Martha Stewart for yet another great idea!

Happy Halloween to you all! What was your favorite costume you've seen this year, or what do you plan on dressing up as tonight? Our favorite was a girl walking down Campus Avenue wearing a pair of underwear over her clothes with a belt around her head. We just had to stop her and ask, "are you Quail Man?"
Affirmative. She was. I love a creative costume. Please share! -hil

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